PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 Survey Asks Players About Specs

Update – We’re not sure of the legitimacy of the email below. As a precaution, we’ve removed the picture of the original email.

Original Story

Emails are apparently being sent out to the PlayStation community asking questions about PlayStation 5. However, we’re not sure whether these are tied in with Sony or not. The email was sent by the PlayStation Voice community, who we’ve never heard of, though it’s possible it could be a new group that Sony have set up to ask the PlayStation community questions.

The email reads:

We need your creativity!

For a bit of Friday fun we'd like you to tell us what you think the PlayStation 5 should look like and what specs it would have.

And if you feel like it , you can also put your ideas on paper (or should we say MS Paint?) and submit your own design

What we don’t exactly know is if the email is a new email and whether it’s even related to Sony at all. If you go the PlayStation Voice website, there’s some Sony branding but it appears to a website that isn’t used anymore.

Previously Sony’s said they weren’t actually sure whether there would be a PlayStation 5, though some publishers believe we’re only a couple of years away from the release of Sony’s next-gen console. PS5 Backwards compatibility anyone?

We’re going to check into this a bit more, and come back to you with an update.

Thanks to @KillzoneRocks for the tip-off.