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PS5 backwards compatibility will be a certainty

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Let’s talk PS5 backwards compatibility.

As soon as the PS4 launched in 2013, my PS3 was put aside and has been gathering dust ever since.

Without backwards compatibility, playing some of my favorite PS3 games was too much hassle. It meant disconnecting and moving my PS4 from the small stand underneath my TV. Taking half the stuff out of the cupboard under the stairs to find the PS3, and then setting it up. Consequently, the only PS3 games I’ve played since 2013 have been remasters that have been released digitally on the PlayStation Store.

As time has gone on, I don’t see PS4 backwards compatibility as a big thing. I don’t miss the games in my PS3 collection. They’ve been replaced by some fantastic titles that push the power of Sony’s latest console, and play and look a lot better than most PS3 games.

However, the difference between the PS3 and PS4 was worlds apart, with a new architecture that is 10 times more powerful than its last console, and far less complex to work with. Quite simply, playing PS3 games on PS4 is akin to playing Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo Switch – why would anyone want to do that?  With the PS5, however, the upgrade will be much more subtle, and PS4 games should stand the test of time in terms of performance and visuals.

PS5 backwards compatibility – Playing PS4 games on your new console

Though we’re yet to hear anything of substance about the PS5, it’s clear we’re moving quickly towards an era where physical discs will become a distant memory. The PlayStation 5 could be the first console that takes that step, with players downloading all titles from the PlayStation Store. I’d expect to see much larger hard-drives and extra cloud storage space to accommodate the new era of digital gaming, and I’m certain that PS5 backwards compatibility will be a thing.

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Digital PS4 games playable on PS5?

Right now, I buy all my PS4 games digitally because it’s convenient, but also because I firmly believe that all digital titles that you download now on PS4 will be backwards compatible on PS5. With an era of fantastic games, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and brilliant multiplayer experiences, players will want to dip back into those games. Sony would be foolish not to let them.

Of course,  PS5 backwards compatibility comes with its downsides for Sony. They’ll want players to buy the new games to make more profit. However, I believe Sony will make the PS5 backwards compatibility feature part of its PlayStation Plus subscription – you’ll pay more in order to play your favorite PS4 games.

Right now, we don’t even know PS5 release date, yet alone any of its new features, but backwards compatibility is a certainty.

Do you want to be able to play PS4 games on PS5? Let us know in the comments below.

Picture source: PlayStation 5 news

  • tk11

    i hope they’ll add ps3 backwards compatibility too

  • Wanooknox

    They’d better not remove the disc drive! Otherwise they’ll lose the one big value prop that a console has. Tons of people have hundreds of DVDs and Blu-rays and to the technically illiterate it’s just easier to pop in a DVD than figure out Google Play or Apple TV. My family is filled with people like this. If they take out the disc drive, they will l sell a lot fewer consoles because it would mean giving up the dvd player for mom or dad whoo don’t understand streaming.

    On top of that, if they really want to offer backwards compatibility there’s still hundreds of disc media games in the wild that loads of people still want to have. Discs are the only way to facilitate reselling. I suppose if they want to kill off the reseller market, they could, but they’d lose a lot of players in the process.

    • hski333

      Im with you on that. You can lend, borrow or give/ re-sell discs bot to mention 4k blue ray drive. The majority of games sold are still physical copies because of the flexibility and choice in owning them, not to mention poor quality internet and low quality streaming can’t even show true 4k, we are 20-30 years away from digital only. In fact we will probably never see digital only for the reasons above.

  • Beasley2K

    This article is full of so much wrong.

    First of all, the headline is misleading: it suggests that backwards compatibility has been confirmed, when the full body text makes it clear that this is speculation. Saying that backwards compatibility comes with a downside for Sony as people are less likely to buy new games is also a lie: no-one will buy a PS5 to play their PS4 games, just as no-one bought a PS4 to play their PS3 games, and so on. So while backwards compatibility provides extra options for us gamers in playing our old games, it hardly makes us any less likely to buy new ones. And finally, the belief that Sony will make backwards compatibility a part of PlayStation Plus is ridiculous: I am fairly certain they are not stupid enough to provide a console with the architecture to play old games, but charge people to do so. Can you imagine the uproar from people being charged to play games they already own? That will be suicide and is something I expect of Microsoft and Xbox. A silly speculation article is what this is.

    With regards to backwards compatibility itself, it’s something I’d like to see, but isn’t a deciding feature to me. I’ll be buying a PS5 to play PS5 games, as will everyone else, and as I already have both a PS3 and a PS4 to play their respective games, the only benefit this will provide is convenience. While a good feature to include, it’s an incredibly over-rated and over-stated one, as evident by the lack of people actually using the Xbox One to play 360 games. The only real benefit will be for people that didn’t own a PS4, but that’s what PlayStation Now is for. It has its uses, but I can do without it if it leads to any more than a mild increase in price. I don’t really want to pay an extra £50 to be able to play games I can already play, nor does any other sane person.

    TL;DR – The article is misleading and wrong, and personally backwards compatibility is a welcome bonus, but not essential.

  • Russia Good

    What a stupid article of some moronic buffoon. If consoles are digital only bye bye, then there is no reason anymore to not just going full PC where i have total control over my download purchases. You must the biggest spastic gamer to still play on consoles if that happens.

    • Gamelore

      Agreed. Consoles’ only strong point now is its DRM-free discs since PC eliminated ownership. If forced to go digital, I will obviously go to PC DRM-free routes rather than PSN DRM, so I at least have control (if not ownership). Meanwhile, I’ll laugh at PS5 like a PSPGO.

    • leonffs

      That’s a big reason why I prefer PC, backwards compatible for decades now. I can still play my DOS games if I want to.

  • mgec

    I think I’ve already skipped PS4 generation, so this backward compatibility would be just brilliant.

    • Beasley2K

      Well we’re only about halfway through.

      • mgec

        We could easily get PS5 by 2019. I’m not sure.

  • Ok, but what about PS1 titles on the PS5? Thats what I want.

    • freddy_uk

      ps1 games work on ps3 and two and one

      • yes, all playstation consoles have, up to the ps4, supported ps1 titles.
        a large lot of which I bought on the PS store. I feel utterly backstabbed that I can’t download them to the ps4, even if I had to rebuy them.

        • freddy_uk

          because there only a small merge of people would use it everyone big AAA 60FPP games

          • i honestly doubt it’s costly to implement Classics support

  • Nikolas K

    Game discs are here to stay, stop with your nonsense! I Don’t want to live in a world where i can’t use my game discs

    • freddy_uk

      aggreed !

    • bizkut

      Agree. The same reason why vinyl record still exist.

  • marc fletcher

    I have PS4 game so yes I would like to play PS4 games on the ps5

  • freddy_uk

    I think your right, sony will use same hardware tricks as this gen as it work so well. being same line of chips they would be a fall not to have backward compat! maybe even upscare aswell (?)

    If ps5 double power or ps4 they could have it you have two games(ps4) running at same time and you can switch when your mates come online ?

    we see

  • Brandon Christiance

    I think it should be backwards compatible to at least the PS3 and why do I say that?

    This is why…

  • lolcatz6657

    I’d love for it to be backwards compatible. I really want to play games like xillia 2/Graces F again, but don’t want to have to buy a ps3 to do that.

  • WakeforFakeCake

    The Playstation Plus idea is complete crap. Don’t give them any stupid ideas. They should not be forcing anyone to pay more to play a game they already own. That is NOT the same as the free games through PS+, which have not been paid for by the consumer and so are not actually owned unless bought separately.