PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale, playable characters, release date confirmed

Omar Kendell, game director of the officially-announced PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale, has revealed on GTTV the existence of the game and the playable characters for this upcoming collective fighter.

This rumored PlayStation-exclusive fighter is going to be a two-dimensional fighter with all characters visible on screen simultaneously. Different levels are inspired by environments from PlayStation series, such as God of War (specifically the hydra fight from GoW1 and the Hades fight in GoW3) and LittleBigPlanet; the LBP level can be manipulated mid-fight like the actual creation process in LBP.

The first few reveals were of Radec from Killzone 2 and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. When characters build up a meter similar to the Mortal Kombat X-Ray meter, each character has a special attack or event. For instance, once Radec collects the "Super Level 3," he will don a jet pack and players will shoot back onto the battlefield in first-person view mode. For Sweet Tooth, he will jump into his transformed ice cream truck and shoot at opponents.

Another confirmed character, Sly Cooper, takes pictures when he reaches "Super Level 3," and then Bentley sends missiles in the locations where Sly took pictures.

Other confirmed characters were:

-Fat Princess


-Parappa the Rappa

At the end of the show, the president of SuperBot Entertainment Chan Park declared that PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale will be releasing this holiday season. A couple of the characters from our list we posted this afternoon made it in, but what do you guys think about all this?