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PlayStation Gamer ‘JoysticksJeff’ Has Earned At Least One Trophy Every Day Since Nov. 6, 2013

Do you consider yourself a pretty avid PlayStation Trophy collector? Well, one person who definitely earns that title is Twitter user JoysticksJeff, who it has emerged has earned at least one Trophy every single day since November 6, 2013. That’s right at the end of the PS3’s lifecycle, so he’s been nabbing Trophies consistently for a decade. Blimey!

As noted by professional Trophy Hunter YouTuber Brian English, Jeff’s Trophy hunt kicked off in the final weeks of the PS3 era when he nabbed the ‘Fisher King!’ Trophy for Rayman Origins, and didn’t miss a day in a whole decade. At the time of writing, his most recent Trophy was for Steins Gate Elite, specifically the gong for ‘Skyclad Observer.’

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Trophies are a big part of the PlayStation gaming experience, and are basically Sony’s answer to Xbox Achievements. They were introduced with the PS3, but didn’t arrive on day one; instead, the format holder implemented them a few years after launch, with some early titles retroactively receiving Trophy support.

Since then, we’ve seen Trophies come to PS Vita, PS4, and PS5, and reports just last month heavily indicate that Sony is testing out PlayStation PC Trophies, too.

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