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PlayStation Plus Essential March 2023 Games Available Starting Next Week

The three free titles coming to all PlayStation Plus Essential and higher level subscribers have already been announced at Sony’s last State Of Play, though now we have confirmation they’ll be arriving next week, on March 7, 2023.

If you’ve forgotten, March’s games are Battlefield 2042, Code Vein, and Minecraft Dungeons.

The timing of all these games being added to the PS Plus Essential monthly titles is especially significant for Battlefield 2042, as it just entered its fourth season, titled Eleventh Hour.

This new season adds the game’s final new specialist, and a new map, and adds new weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.

Minecraft Dungeons being added now is also good timing for the famous franchise, as the next major Minecraft release is set to arrive later this year.

Minecraft Legends is the next expansive addition to the greater world of Minecraft, and it’ll launch on April 18, 2023, barring any delays yet to be announced of course.

Source – [PlayStation Blog]