PlayStation Plus November 2016: Free games predictions for PS4

It’s that time of month when anticipation builds for the PlayStation Plus November line-up of free games that we like to make our predictions!

playstation plus logo with ps4

So, we weren’t that successful in September, or when guessing the October PS Plus games, but that’s not going to hold us back from speculating as to what PS4 games are coming to the PSN next month.

So, let’s kick things off.

PlayStation Plus November free games?

1. A PlayStation VR game that’s also available as a standard PS4 game!

Okay, so we’re not going to actually guess the game in this instance, because that got us into trouble last time we predicted a game that hadn’t launch yet, and the publisher got a little upset. But with PSVR now released it would be the perfect time for Sony to introduce a virtual reality game, or experience. However, releasing a dedicated VR game on PlayStation Plus could prove to rattle the cages of the PlayStation massive, so we predict it will be a title that can also be played regularly outside of virtual reality.

vr gamers having fun

2. Watch Dogs

Ubisoft hasn’t appeared on PlayStation Plus for a while, and we can’t imagine it will release its new PlayStation VR experience, Eagle Flight, for free, but could November be the time to finally unleash Watch Dogs? With a Watch Dogs 2 release date of November 15 it might take the shine of the sequel, but equally it could encourage new players to pick up Watch Dogs 2 later in the month.

watch dogs main character

3. Rayman Legends

The fact that Rayman Legends, which is a great game by the way, has already been available for free on Xbox One Games with Gold, indicates that Ubisoft’s quirky platformer will at some point be coming to PS Plus. “Loaded with characters new and old, as well as brand new levels, and some from Rayman Origins, it is a must have for anyone who did not get play it on previous generation consoles.”

rayman legends screenshot

4. Knack

With the PS Plus subscription price hike going into effect from September you’ve got to keep the gamers happy, and this platforming beat ‘em up has been requested for a long while! It’s one of those games that has been mentioned every month for PS Plus for sometime, so eventually someone has to sit up and take notice, right? As one of the original PS4 launch games, there’s going to be no interest now in buying the game, so let’s just get it out of the way!

knack giant

5. The Evil Within

Following an impressive line-up of PSN games in October, we’re expecting at least one game that will blow our socks off from the triple-A stable. Tango Gamework’s horror title, The Evil Within, would do exactly that. Released back in 2014, what better way to get PS4 gamers frothing at the mouth than releasing it for free for PlayStation Plus November. They might even get to sell some of those additional DLC packs, so what have they got to lose?

scary screenshot from the evil within

Let us know your predictions for PS Plus in November in the comments below.