PlayStation Plus September free games predictions and rumors

playstation plus september 2017 games

The PlayStation Plus September free games are incoming, with Sony’s official announcement due at the end of August.

Each month PS Plus subscribers can download a handful of PS4, PS3 and Vita games, and we’ve got good reason to believe that that September line-up could be very strong.

Starting on August 31, the PlayStation Plus price for subscriptions increases in Europe and a few other countries, and potentially Sony could drop a big PS4 game in order to offer real value for money and encourage users to keep on paying for its service.

Following the US PlayStation Plus price rise last September, Sony offered Lords of the Fallen and Journey among the free games.

We’ve already had a couple of strong months of PlayStation Plus games. In July’s PS Plus line-up, we enjoyed Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2, while August’s games included Just Cause 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry.

Here’s our predictions for the PlayStation Plus September free games:

Ratchet & Clank
We reckon Sony will drop one of its big first-party games for PS4 onto PS Plus next month, and Ratchet & Clank would make a fine addition. The PlayStation icons enjoyed a comeback in 2016 with a remake of the original platform-shooter which was praised by critics for the stunning world design, brilliant weapons and addictive firefights.

what are the free games for plus in september

Ubisoft is no stranger to bringing games to PlayStation Plus, and we reckon Steep is a good bet for September. Having offered free trials and price reductions already since its release in December, getting more people on board would be a wise move and potentially allow the French publisher to capitalize on the game’s micro-transactions, and get more players buying the upcoming Winter Olympics expansion. It’s a long shot, considering the game is less than 8 months old, but by packing the servers we reckon Ubisoft could do very well out of making its snow-based extreme sports game free.

september 2017 playstation plus games

505 Games’ Minecraft-inspired Terrarria has already been free on PlayStation Plus for Vita in 2014. The game has sold over 20 million copies since its release on PlayStation platforms, and the PS4 edition would make a fine addition to the September line-up with bigger game worlds, new bosses and plenty of new enemies to enjoy.

playstation indie games

The Talos Principle
No doubt, PlayStation Plus will have a strong indie game in September, and The Talos Principle is up there with some of the best indie games of recent years. The philosphocal puzzle games from Croteam received rave reviews based on the quality of the complex puzzles and its immersive game world.

ps plus games announcement

Another brilliant indie game from Camp Santo Productions, Firewatch deserves to reach an even bigger audience. You can already pick up the adventure game for little over $5 with a PS Plus subscription, but by making it free the studio could raise its profile massively. The first-person mystery adventure, which sees you exploring the ShoShone National Forest in Wyoming and investigating mysterious disappearances, was an impressive achievement with a stunning environment, engaging choice-based dialogue and excellent story-telling.


Which PlayStation Plus September free games would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.