PlayStation Stars Program Campaign Guide

Launched worldwide in 2022, the PlayStation Stars reward program allows you to unlock rewards for PS4 and PS5 that you can use to enhance your gaming experience. New campaigns are unlocked every month, increasing your chances to gather points and digital collectibles, among other perks. If you are new to the program or have never tried it before, the following detailed guide will help you join, complete, and win from all upcoming campaigns.

What Are PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program launched by Sony in 2022 for PS4 and PS5 users. When you join the program, you get the opportunity to use your playing skills to earn rewards and collect digital collectibles. You do this by completing campaigns, which are updated every month.

From your dashboard, you can keep track of your points and collectibles through a case that other members can see. You can then redeem these rewards and points for select PS Store products and PSN wallet funds, among other things.

How Does PlayStation Stars Work?

PlayStation Stars’ reward program is based on the reward systems already offered in many PlayStation Games. The Four Kings Casino & Slots title, for instance, features a reward model where your 3D avatar receives more prestigious and extravagant clothing the more you play. Like many online slot machines in Australia, the game is designed to incentivize gameplay.

Like this game, you earn rewards in the Stars program by completing a wide range of activities and campaigns. Some of these are very simple. The Monthly Check-In campaign, for example, rewards you for playing at least one game a month. Other activities, nonetheless, are more involved. They are also updated regularly and you can see upcoming campaigns on the PlayStation App.

As is the case with in-game reward systems, you level up faster if you complete more campaigns and leveling up wins you more collectibles and rewards.

PlayStation Stars Rewards

The reward program features two primary types of rewards – digital collectibles and loyalty points. You earn the latter by buying games from the Store. If you wish to redeem your points, you can do so for select products from the Store, exclusive digital collectibles, and PSN wallet funds. The points you earn for pre-ordering or buying a game can give you about 4 percent back on Store purchases.

If you prefer digital collectibles, you can skip the loyalty points. These 3D models include a wide range of iconic figurines from past consoles, game characters, and Sony gaming products. Essentially, they are non-tradeable NFTs, which means you cannot sell them but can display them on your dashboard.

Who Can Join the Program?

Sony made the PlayStation Stars program available to all players with a PlayStation console. You can join any time for free as long as you have a valid PSN account in a serviced region and are an adult. It is important to note that you cannot transfer or share your rewards or program membership across accounts.

Wrapping Up

PlayStation Stars launched across the globe in 2022; starting in Asia in September and ending with Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in October. You can now access the full program through the PlayStation App on Android and iOS from where you can sign up and track your campaign progress. Over time, the rewards you collect will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your PlayStation.