PlayStation Universe 2015 Awards: Best Remastered Game

Love them or loathe them, the business of high-definition remasters generates big bucks for video game developers, and PS4 is no exception to adding a bit of 1080p spit and polish to some of last-gen’s biggest gaming experiences. While there’s a lot of cynicism to be had among gamers concerning remasters, we at PSU are partial to revisiting some classics of yesteryear on our shiny (well, not not-so-shiny after two years of usage) PS4s, and there was more than enough to get our blood pumping with excitement, such as Ultra Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil HD Remaster and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. We put it to the vote, and the results are perhaps not surprising….

Nathan Drake has been firmly drilled into the public consciousness after leaping onto PS3 way back in 2007, and two sequels later, established himself as one of Sony’s leading men in the first-party exclusive realm. As such, a remaster was inevitable. This collection of pace-perfect adventure games, which remasters Uncharted 1-3 for PS4 while leaving out the admittedly decent Golden Abyss, remains one of the most accomplished current-gen makeovers we’ve seen, packing all the adrenaline-pumping combat and top-notch storytelling we’ve come to know and love from Uncharted onto a single Blu-ray disc. Yes, the absence of multiplayer for Uncharted 2 and 3 is lamentable, but that’s not why you play Uncharted—and with this collection, you’ll never want to dust off those PS3 copies ever again.

Runner-up – Resident Evil HD Remaster

Having been a GameCube-exclusive since 2002, Resident Evil Remake finally arrived with a fresh coat of paint on PS4 and PS3 back in January, and has already sold over one million copies to date. A testament that the public’s appetite for classic survival horror remains very much in tact, Resi’s glorious remake of the original 1996 title looks superb despite the passing of time, with gorgeous pre-rendered backdrops oozing atmosphere thanks to some stunning lightning and particle effects, while the characters themselves have benefitted from a PS4 makeover, easily standing up to contemporary adventure games. Fortunately, the methodical, gun-wrenching gameplay remains just as compelling as it was all those years ago, as you creep around the gloomy Spencer Mansion and its grounds while battling blood-thirsty undead and solving a series of fiendish puzzles. Chuck in a new, modernised control scheme and Trophy support, and this is definitely a remaster of the highest quality that any horror aficionado would be crazy to miss out on.