PlayStation Vita 2 to combat the Nintendo Switch, sources indicate


PlayStation Vita 2 could be in development, according to a new patent filing

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (SIEI) may be quietly developing a successor to the PlayStation Vita, according to rumours kickstarted by a new patent application. Is PS Vita 2 on the way to combat the Nintendo Switch?

The patent was released on the Japanese website Esuteru just recently and specifically outlines a portable device featuring two controller pods on each side of its screen, plus the usual array of PlayStation-related input devices, such as the D-pad, two analogue sticks, and four action buttons. In addition, the pods also feature the twin bumper/trigger arrangement as seen on the PS4.

Interestingly, the PS Vita 2 design appears to be quite similar to the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, which allows gamers to take their games on the go. However, there is a noticeable difference between the two in the sense that the Switch allow you to play games on a TV set by docking the main unit; something that PS Vita doesn’t appear to offer when looking at the patent images.

PS Vita 2 release date – when could we see a new handheld on shelves?

It’s worth pointing out that the patent is actually from 2015, although it has only just now come to the attention of the public. Given that console production cycles can last years, this wouldn’t seem to make much difference in regards to a release. However, it’s worth noting that Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has previously indicated that the format holder wouldn’t release a PS Vita 2 as the market was not suitable for a new handheld device.

Mobile phones have obviously dominated the gaming space in regards to portable devices since PS Vita launched, and considering Nintendo 3DS has managed to rule the roost in terms of dedicated gaming devices of the pocket-fitting nature, it does bring into question about the possibility of seeing a PS Vita 2. Give how long it’s been since PS Vita, it can be assumed that if something is in the pipeline we’ll hear about it soon enough.

The original PS Vita is now five-years-old, and failed match the success of its predecessor, the PlayStation Portable. While starting out with a number of exclusive software and impressive technical muscle, the device was soon relegated to the status of companion unit to the PS4 thanks to its Remote Play functionality; something which, to be fair, it has excelled at in addition to its reputation as an indie dev hub of sorts.

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Source: PC Advisor