‘PlayStation World’ may replace PS Plus and PSN for PlayStation 4

An inside source for Kotaku has detailed a host of new information about PlayStation 4, including charges for online services, a revamp to PlayStation Network, and console features.

According to Kotaku’s source (the same who originally leaked the next-gen codenames Orbis and Durango), PlayStation 4 will be home to a new online service titled "PlayStation World," which is set to replace PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Network. This new online service will supposedly allow you to use a smartphone or tablet to chat with your friends and buy games, which are automatically downloaded to your console.

The source details a few more interesting feature: "…every PS4 will come with a PlayStation Eye; that a new spectating feature will let you watch other friends play games from your console’s dashboard, even when you don’t own the game they’re playing; and that the console will support local network play via Vita."

All of this might come at a price, though. Kotaku’s source claims that Sony will charge for "most" online features for its new console. What that "most" might entail is not known at this time. It’s possible that "most" refers to features and benefits normally associated with PlayStation Plus and not online multiplayer, but we should find out at Wednesday night’s PlayStation Meeting.

Sound off, PlayStation fans, and let us know what you think of "PlayStation World" in the comments below. Also, make sure to pay attention to PlayStation Universe as we livestream the entire event for all to enjoy!