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Predator: Hunting Grounds PS4 Trial Detailed By IllFonic

Friday the 13th: The Game developer IllFonic has detailed the upcoming Predator: Hunting Grounds PS4 trial, which will be available to download at 4.00pm GTM on March 27. As expected, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to take part in the trial, so keep that in mind.

Predator: Hunting Grounds PS4 Trial

The trial will see players having the chance to jump into the boots of the deadly Predator or as part of an elite four-person Fireteam. Each character has a unique set of weapons and abilities, and will be duking it out on the Overgrowth map during the trial.

The map takes place in the South American mountains, specially in a claustrophobic and dense jungle location. The sun-baked environment also houses a hostile guerrilla force and operatives from Project Stargazer, a rogue government program that seeks financial gain by locating alien technology. Both the Predator and Fireteam will have to face against these enemies during the trial.

The occupation of this hidden valley has uncovered a wealth of hidden ancient ruins surrounding a winding river. Something about this location seems to allow temperatures to climb higher than just about anywhere else in these mountains…a perfect place for the Predator to hunt.

Predator Hunting Grounds PS4 trial detailed

Those of you who plump for the Fireteam will find themselves up against the Predator. However, you’re not completely helpless, as your unit is formed of a group of elite soldiers that are able to efficiently take on this enemy as a group, or simply avoid it to complete the mission.

There’s a total of four classes in the Fireteam, with three playable during the trial: Assault, Scout, and Support. Assault is the most well-rounded of the classes, and has a natural talent for mission leading. The Scout, as you’d expect, are nimble and agile characters that can cover distance easily. Finally, the Support class is able to sustain more damage and has extra health to play around with.

As you level up weapons in-game you will be able to unlock upgrades like scopes, magazines, and suppressors to improve their efficiency. While you are playing over the trial weekend, keep in mind that as a member of the Fireteam there are perks, medkits, ammo bags, and other tools available to you. These tools will prove useful while in the midst of battles with the enemy AI forces, and the Predator who is somewhere hunting you!

Fancy a go as the Predator? Then your mission is as grisly as you’d expect — collect trophies in the form of the skulls of your enemies. Like the Fireteam, there are three classes to play around with in the shape of Hunter, Berserker, and Scout, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

As the deadliest hunter in the universe, you have access to a plethora of off-world tech and weaponry. The classic arsenal will be the foundation of each Predator loadout. The Plasma Caster for ranged combat, the wrist blades for close encounters, infrared vision mode to track down your prey, and advanced cloaking for staying stealthy. Other weapons, perks, and gear will be available for unlock as players level up, such as the Smart Disc, Combistick, and more.

Predator: Hunting Ground is slated for release on PS4 next month.