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Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.0 Detailed, Has Bug Fixes And Crossplay With Friends

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, developer Illfonic has revealed that Predator Hunting Grounds will drop on August 21 and features a range of bug fixes and the much-requested crossplay with friends.

Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.0 Set For August 21

In addition to the above, IllFonic will also be including a number of extra in-game items, including the Classic Combistick and Wrist Launcher from the City Hunter content, which will be unlockable to everyone. Meanwhile, there’s also a major Fireteam Supply Drop featuring the OWLF Assault Rifle, the Anti-Cloaking Grenade, UAV Scanner and the Self Revive Syrette.

Finally, players will also be able to claim a Field Locker Update packing three new Predator Masks, and a new Fireteam Ballistic Mask, and new tints and shaders.

Looking ahead, the studio confirmed that the new map and game mode will be arriving at some point in September, and will not be paid DLC.

Predator: Hunting Grounds was released for PS4 and PC back in April, and you can read our review here.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]