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Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.50 Patch Notes Confirmed For Huge List Of Bug Fixes

IllFonic has announced the Predator Hunting Grounds update 2.50 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which stomps down on a huge list of bugs. Read the full details below.

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  • • Fixed an issue where PS4 users were crashing if their console’s memory storage was near full
  • • Fixed an issue where Dutch’s Tapes would appear out of order when viewed in the Collectibles Menu
  • • Fixed an issue where in Spectator mode, moving the camera could cause the camera to get stuck
  • • Fixed an issue where the Smart Disc flight path could sometimes appear erratic to Fireteam members
  • • Fixed an issue where NPC soldiers idle animations could appear jittery
  • • Fixed an issue where NPC soldiers could appear on the ground in the standing pose after being killed
  • • Fixed an issue where the ‘CAMP ALARM TRIGGERED’ and ‘INSIDE SEARCH AREA’ text would overlap on the HUD
  • • Fixed an issue where the Field Locker would be misaligned on the table
  • • Fixed an issue where in Field Lockers, the ‘Sunburst’ skins on the Combat, Tactical, and Scimitar knives would appear misaligned and smaller than intended
  • • Fixed an issue where re-assigning the “Toggle Night Vision Goggles” key binding would not work on controllers
  • • Fixed an issue where the Team Preference logo would sometimes disappear when navigating through menus


  • • Fixed an issue where kills done with the Smart Disc would not count on the AAR
  • • Fixed an issue where parrying with the Brute Specialization equipped would not apply the bonus damage buff
  • • Fixed an issue where the Battle Axe would sometimes deal additional damage when using the heavy attack
  • • Fixed an issue where the ‘Savage Specialization’ was not restoring health when claiming dead Fireteam members or certain NPCs
  • • Fixed an issue in Private Matches where the Predator Gear Amount modifier was not working properly
  • • Fixed an issue in Private Matches where the Predator Starting Ammo modifier was not working properly
  • • Fixed an issue where equipping the Pirate mask would continue to allow players to access the Warpaint and Scar menus
  • • Fixed an issue where having certain masks equipped could cause the Predator’s mask to respawn even after being destroyed
  • • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Predator’s aiming reticle would disappear after throwing and catching the Smart Disc
  • • Fixed an issue where the Predator’s Smart Disc camera mode would be canceled if an existing smart disc is destroyed at the same time
  • • Fixed an issue where Predators could get stuck in ADS mode if the player is holding down the ADS button right before climbing a tree
  • • Fixed an issue where a Predator’s Vision Mode would stay active while piloting a Smart Disc
  • • Fixed an issue where if a Cloaked Predator used a Smart Disc, the Predator’s Cloaking VFX would not display properly
  • • Fixed an issue where opening the chat while the weapon wheel is open could cause the weapon wheel to become stuck on the screen


  • • Fixed an issue where the Fanatic specialization was incorrectly causing Fireteam members to deal additional damage on top of the base damage increase
  • • Fixed an issue where med-kits would appear as invisible or unusable in certain locations
  • • Fixed an issue where Fireteam members could pick up ammo even when maxed out on ammo and gear
  • • Fixed an issue where the gear count would not appear correctly in the Customization menu when either the ‘Large Pouch’ or ‘Gear Head’ perk are equipped
  • • Fixed an issue where Reinforcements would not work properly on any Fireteam member that was in the process of being Long Claimed when reinforced
  • • Fixed an issue where users were able to equip gear in the Secondary Weapon slot
  • • Added a cooldown to “Alert Team” ping for when reinforcement missions are available
  • • Fixed an issue where after parrying an attack, the follow up melee attacks would apply damage twice
  • • Fixed an issue where Fireteam camera would not shake after healing
  • • Fixed an issue where semi-automatic weapons/fire mode could cause the weapons to misfire when performing certain actions
  • • Fixed an issue where spinning up the S-R3D would not activate the PS4 controller rumble



  • • Increased interaction time and health on Camp Alarms
  • • Player profiles may now be viewed on Steam
  • • Users may now use Right Mouse Button to back out of menus
  • • Made adjustments to the damage and blast radius of explosives barrels depending on source
  • • Added access to the Options Menu to pre-game lobbies and private match lobbies
  • • Added a confirmation check before entering the tutorial
  • • HUD Modifiers and removing Bots from matches no longer reduce XP in custom matches
  • • Increased camp alarm health
  • • Increased time to disarm camp alarm
  • • NPC soldiers will now activate camp alarms more consistently
  • • Fireteam’s Infiltration location now stays on screen after the voting ends
  • • Added background blur to the control rebinding menu
  • • ‘Disabled alarm’ XP is now also awarded when destroying an alarm
  • • Made improvements and adjustments to the Fireteam and Predator camera systems

Player Movement

  • • Various movement adjustments
  • • Predator Movement tuning and polish pass
  • • Adjusted weight, acceleration, and jump velocity to give the Predator more weight
  • • Fireteam Movement tuning and polish pass
  • • Increased Fireteam camera shake when landing from a jump, and for nearby Predator • footsteps
  • • Slightly decreased Fireteam movement speed when wounded
  • • Slightly decreased Fireteam movement speed while using Syrette
  • • Reduced Fireteam jump stamina usage
  • • Reduced Fireteam exhaustion duration
  • • Adjusted Fireteam sliding to allow for longer and cooler slides


  • • Sped up Second Wind healing process for Predator
  • • Added a low health alert to Predator’s HUD
  • • Increased direct hit damage for Plasma Caster projectile
  • • Slightly increased minimum amount of damage dealt by a charged Plasma Caster projectile
  • • Decreased direct and AOE damage of Handheld Plasma Caster projectiles
  • • Decreased Predator interaction delay on trophy claim and boar kills
  • • Added highlights and decreased interaction time for Predkour entries
  • • Increased intensity of flashing on health bar when at low health
  • • Decreased AOE on Plasma Caster to better match VFX
  • • Gear is now throwable without aiming
  • • Adjusted the combo timings on several Predator Melee weapons to tighten feel and pacing
  • • Made improvements to Predkour tree UI feedback
  • • Made adjustments to increase visibility of the low health indicators and damage taken indicators for Predator players
  • • Made adjustments to the attack timings for all Predator Melee Weapons


  • • Added distance highlights for ammo, health, and weapon lockers
  • • Several improvements and fixes made to the Fireteam mission objective window
  • • Several changes made to individual Fireteam weapons listed further below
  • • Added camera shake and vignetting after healing as Fireteam
  • • Lowered ammo reserves and ammo pickups for several Fireteam weapons
  • • Various adjustments made to recoil on all Fireteam weapons
  • • Adjusted the Fireteam interact widget to better highlight inputs
  • • UAV Scanner no longer shows Veritanium or items you’ve already picked up
  • • Updated and clarified UI for when Reinforcement Missions are available
  • • Can now cancel the weapon equip/unequip animation for a quicker weapon swap
  • • Collectibles will now be instant pickups, except for the large stores of Veritanium
  • • Dante’s Field Medic Specialization has been replaced with the Comms Specialization

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