Prince of Persia Classic unveiled for PSN

Sony has announced that the original Prince of Persia will appear on the PlayStation Network, "enhanced and updated for the High Definition era." Somehow we don’t envisage 1080p and 60 frames a second, but it’ll be good to have one of the oldest names in videogaming back in action.

Princey first appeared in pixellated 2D form back in 1989, making quite a splash in the platform-hopping scene. The early years of 3D gaming weren’t kind to the poor boy, however, and it wasn’t until the dazzling Prince of Persia: Sands of Time that he was restored to glory.

The PSN remake boasts buffed-up character designs, revised animations, fresh controls and new Time Trial and Survival modes. The game’s signature attribute is its ticking timer; as the Prince, you have a scant 60 minutes to save your betrothed from the clutches of the evil Jaffar.

We’ve hunted for release dates, but Sony ain’t talkin’. Stop by the PlayStation site for more.