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Sony Updates More PS Plus PS1 Classics To 60Hz In Europe

Sony has finally started making a select number of PS Plus PS1 games compatible with the 60Hz option, which means they will run like the NTSC versions of the games rather than the slower PAL conversions.

Today sees Ape Escape and Syphon Filter updated to allow for a 60Hz mode for European users. In case you aren’t familiar, the PAL versions of PS1 games run at 50Hz, which is 20% slower than the US and Japanese editions of PS1 titles. You can tell the difference as they usually have black borders; anyone who was gaming on old-school TVs in the 90s will know what I’m talking about.

However, thanks to this option, you can now enjoy these games with the 60Hz option resulting in a much smoother gameplay experience. Sony introduced the feature a few months ago, but it’s been pretty slow on updating its lineup.

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A number of PS1 games that released on PS Plus were released with 60Hz out of the gate, including Tekken 2, Mr Driller and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee.

[Source – VGC]