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PS Portal Has Been Restocked At Major Retailers; Watch The Accolades Trailer From Sony Here

Retailers and PlayStation Direct have seen a large restock of the PlayStation Portal, with Sony celebrating the news with an accolades trailer for the handheld device.

The PS Portal is now readily available at PlayStation Direct in the US and UK, while trailers including Target and Best Buy also have the device in stock. If you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, well, PS Portal greatly exceeded expectations at Sony to the point where the device was quite difficult to get hold of. We’re not talking pandemic-era levels of difficulty like with PS5, but many places had sold out of PS Portal.

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Recently, a small team of Google engineers were able to hack the PS Portal to allow it to run PSP games offline, and later helped Sony fix this exploit. Sony released a new firmware update for the PS Portal early last month, which improved stability of the system.

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