PS Vita jailbreak now lets you hack Sony handheld permanently

ps vita jailbreak

A major PS Vita hack to permanently jailbreak Sony’s handheld console has allegedly been achieved.

The process of jailbreaking the PlayStation Vita enables owners to install custom firmware, use emulation software, and apparently download PS Vita games.

In a move that is likely to put Sony’s nose out of joint, despite the fact that current first-party support for PlayStation Vita stopped a while ago, the HENkaku jailbreak apparently hacks PS Vita permanently.

Latest PS Vita hack unlocks handheld permanently

“Install it once and your Vita will be permanently hacked–no need to apply it after each reboot,” reads a statement on the official HENkaku website.

The PSP was hacked fairly early on in its life-cycle opening up the doors to a world of homebrew for owners. The PS Vita has been a tougher cookie to crack, though previous hacks have already seen players enjoying emulators and homebrew software. This is the first time, however, that Vita has been hacked permanently as previously it would reset back to the original state on each reboot.

psp hack

With the jailbreak active, you can use a PS Vita SD card adapter, which allows you to use an SD card with the Vita.

The guys from Team Molecule have dubbed this hack HENkaku, which apparently only works on firmware update 3.60, and are offering the latest version of its PS Vita jailbreak for free.

We wouldn’t, of course, recommend jailbreaking your PS Vita. Not only will it void your warranty, but you may actual break your handheld.

Source: HENkaku