PS Vita update 3.12 coming soon, improving ‘system stability’

Sony announced this evening that another software update will release for the PlayStation Vita.

Right on the heels of update 3.10, update 3.12 is apparently intended to only amend some issues with current functionalities. Sony went to Twitter with an official statement:



Until more information is released, the only reason that update 3.12 is going live could be due to some of the newest implementations that were added in 3.10. The one major one might be the ability to hold 500 apps on the home screen as we reported yesterday, since that’s such a massive amount of content to micromanage. These types of updates don’t tend to have much justification outside of improved system stability, but as is customary, Sony is very quick to patch any issues that may have come with new updates. 

As we know more, we’ll be sure to keep you updated right here at PSU.

Feel free to share any issues you’ve had with update 3.10 since it launched yesterday.