PS2 HD Collections we NEED to see (Part 3)

In our previous entry of this wishful series, we fantasized about Dark Cloud and Grand Theft Auto in greater, HD glory. In the final part of our feature, with a look at potential mouth-watering HD Collections from industry giants Square Enix.

Square Enix

Square Enix, formally Square Soft, made their name thanks to an influx of quality titles in the RPG genre, dating back to the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The company became a household name on the back of its Final Fantasy franchise, although other titles such as Xenogears and Kingdom Hearts also resonated with millions of gamers worldwide. Originally synonymous with Nintendo, the company jumped ship to Sony in the mid-90s before merging with another studio at the end of the PS2 ear to form Square Enix. However, many Square fans subsequently believe that the Japanese giant’s ability to create outstanding games was diminished when the two groups combined. A lot of Square’s followers long for the days of old and would love to play those classics again on their PlayStation 3 – and the same can be said about RPG fans in general.

Final Fantasy HD Collection: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy is one of the top dogs of the RPG world. During the PSOne era, Square Soft developed and released Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX which were not only three of the best RPGs ever, but are considered classics that set the standard for the genre and gaming as a whole. The company then went on to continue the series for the PS2, pumping out critically acclaimed outings such as FFX, FFX-2, and FFXII. Although united by one series, the three games are distinctly different in terms gameplay mechanic, boasting three unique stories, battle systems, and levelling systems. There are some elements that are consistent through FF, however, such as the omni-present Chocobos you’ll bump into on your journey. In terms of narrative, Final Fantasy always contains a emotionally-charged tale, whether it weaves stories of betrayal or love confessed before saying goodbye. It is debatable whether or not the PS2 FF stories match the PS1 titles in quality, but regardless, all three are great games and received premium review ratings while most fans adore them. We know that FFX is being remade in HD, but a Blu-ray collection with FFX’s concluding sequel and the adventure in Ivalice would make for the ultimate RPG package.

Final Fantasy Dissidia HD Collection: Dissidia Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy

Do you like collaborations? Do you like it in your video games? Are you a follower of the FF franchise? Then you will love Final Fantasy Dissidia for the PSP. Dissidia Final Fantasy is an action RPG that includes a mash up of characters spanning the entire FF franchise, from heroes like Squall the loner to even crazed villains like Kefka. These fighters team up together, with the good guys on one side and the evil ones on other and collide in flashy, fast-paced battles. Leveling up is very simple; the player only needs to gain an adequate amount of experience, and can also become stronger in regards to stats and spells. Aside from being incredibly fun to play, Dissidia also offers considerable bang for your buck. Both games are packed full of content; each combatant has their own plot to follow and different bosses to scrap with. Santa Monica did a good job creating the God of War Origins HD Collection for the PS3 and like the two titles in that collection, not all PS3 owners had the opportunity to experience Dissidia on the PSP. As such, if Square Enix were to port these in similar quality to GOWO HD collection, then you can bet they’d sell well.

Kingdom Hearts HD Collection: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Ten years ago, Square Enix, back then Square Soft, and Disney teamed up together to release a new IP called Kingdom Hearts. Although there’s only been one true sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, there are plenty of spin-offs, including Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP. These classics tell the story of a young boy named Sora and his friends, fighting against the heartless and visiting worlds in the Disney universe. An action-RPG by nature, players can move freely around while unleashing spells upon their foes and dishing out damage with the keyblade. Along with new enemies like the heartless and nobodies, Sora must defeat evil Disney characters and darkness lovers like Ansem. The series has seen much success and fans faithfully await a third entry. They will finally catch a break sometime after the debut of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, which sets the stage for Kingdom Hearts III. Meanwhile, it would be an excellent idea for Square to remaster three of the main entries on Blu-ray disc. Fans without a backward compatible PS3 could replay the two on PS2 and also experience Birth by Sleep for the first time, while also bringing them up to speed plot-wise for the inevitable Kingdom Hearts III.

And that’s a wrap, folks. What HD Collections would you like to see come to PS3? Let us know in the comments section below.

Article by Shawnee Lee