PS3 Blu-ray update coming this month

One of the strongest aspects that the PlayStation 3 has over its competitors the ability to play Blu-ray titles; the next generation media format backed by Sony Corp. This is essentially enough to consider the PS3 as a fully capable Blu-ray player, which already accounts for 2 million of the 2.7 million Blu-ray units sold to date.

Furthermore, Sony aims to ensure that the machine continues to perform as a strong Blu-ray player as well as a gaming console by releasing the firmware update, Profile 1.1. This new update adds support for next-gen Blu-ray playback features such as picture-in-picture playback, which for 2 separate viewing windows, one where the director could be talking while in the other, the film playing. The other features range into step categories like support for downloadable content.

This move will allow the PS3 to keep up with the latest Blu-ray hardware as the most recent and expensive Blu-ray players already come equipped with Profile 1.1. The updated is planned for release later this month.

Source: CVG