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PS3-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls won’t have a game over screen, confirms David Cage

PlayStation 3-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls will not feature a traditional game over screen, director David Cage has revealed.

Speaking to Joystiq at Gamescom this week, Cage expressed his disdain for game over screens, suggesting they are actually counter-productive for a narrative-driven experience such as Beyond.

And, while the narrative can be disrupted as such, it doesn’t mean you’ll be reloading a checkpoint should you ‘fail’ a section – you’ll just be given an alternate path to take instead.

“I’ve always felt that ‘game over’ is a state of failure more for the game designer than from the player," said Cage. "It’s like creating an artificial loop saying, ‘You didn’t play the game the way I wanted you to play, so now you’re punished and you’re going to come back and play it again until you do what I want you to do.’ In an action game, I can get that – why not? It’s all about skills. But in a story-driven experience it doesn’t make any sense."

The Quantic Dream boss gave an example of how scenes may play out depending on your actions. In one sequence, Holmes is tasked with evading two cops on board a moving train; one outcome leads to an encounter on the roof of the locomotive, while the other results in Holmes’ capture, forcing players to then attempt an escape.

However, our heroine can of course perish on her journey, though this should be unexpected in a game that questions what happens when we die.

“It’s a game about death, so you can imagine that death plays a role in all of this,” Cage continued. “Actually, it’s one of the big discoveries – one of the big mysteries in the game is to discover what’s on the other side. And it’s definitely not a black screen.”

Beyond: Two Souls is due out exclusively on PS3 in the U.S. on October 8 and arrives in Europe on October 11.