PS3 sales double in Japan

Sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console in Japan have doubled during the period of July 23-29, with the latest Media Create data revealing that the console managed to shift a total of 28,829 units, compared to just under 12,000 units from the previous week.

PlayStation Portable sales were also up for the week ended July 29, with the handheld selling just over 35,000 after dropping to 32,894 the week before. Sales of PlayStation 2 were down from last week, however, with Sony’s last-gen console selling just fewer than 12,000 units, though still selling higher than any other previous-gen system.

Furthermore, Sony continues to maintain its lead ahead of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which, despite a spike in sales, continues to lag far behind with just under 4,000 units sold during the same period.

PSU Says…

Well, this begs the question: An auspicious forecast of events, or just a bump in the ever-changing chart track? You decide, but we at PSU certainly feel that times could be changing for Sony in it’s native country, and with any luck, drive the console to gather enough momentum to hit the ground running for 2008; a year that is undoubtedly going to spell the most important yet for the firm’s next-generation system.