PS3M Rumors: Resistance 2, Syphon Filter and more

The latest edition of PlayStation 3 magazine ‘PSM3’ has a boatload of supposedly accurate insider news. We can’t confirm or deny any of these rumors, so take them with a grain of salt, but nevertheless here they are:

– EA is working on a next-gen snowboarding game, possibly a new SSX
– Infinity Ward is rumored to be piecing together a new IP set to launch in 2009
– A next-gen Hitman is coming Summer 2008
– Ubisoft Montreal is working on a Prince of Persia title
– Ubisoft Montreal is also bringing Far Cry to PS3 in 2008, perhaps earlier in the year
– Insomniac is working on Resistance 2 which is set to release late next year
– Sony is working on a next-gen Syphon Filter for PS3, expected in 2009
– Street Fighter 4 won’t be in the style of teaser trailer
– NBA Ballers 3 will come in April 2008
– Sega has selected Eurocom to develop the official 2008 Beijing Olympics game (hopefully it’ll be superior to the horrid 2006 incarnation)
– A Lego Indiana Jones title will tie in with the new movie’s release date

Once again, while none of these are necessarily false, they remain rumors (even if they’re plausible rumors) as of now. We’ll have confirmation or denial of these facts (according to PSM3) soon.

Source: ripten