PS4 4.0 update: New features incoming, includes HDR support

PS4 update 4.0 is coming very soon! In fact, it could land as early as next week with the arrival of a brand new feature that was revealed at the PlayStation Meeting this week – HDR support!

new features logo for firmware update

What is HDR?

More or less, HDR is the process of converting the high resolution of current content into a more standard resolution. The benefit of it is having more detail within each pixel, so we can expect a richer range of colors and more realistic looking scenes for those games that support it. You’ll be able see what games support HDR on PS4 by looking out for the PS4 Pro Enhanced Icon.

Okay, let’s take a look at what else we’re getting in the new PS4 firmware update 4.0.

New-looking interface

Included in the PS4 update 4.0, we can expect a fresh new look to the current interface with:

  • Updated icons
  • New Backgrounds
  • Re-designed notifications
  • Menu changes

ps4 update 4.0 new quick menu

Sony is also making things more user-friendly with changes to:

Quick Menu – Hold down the PS button and tirgger the quick menu and access multiple options, including your friend’s list, without it taking up the whole screen and interrupting gameplay.

Share Menu – A tweak to the share menu means that it will pop up down the side of your screen rather than take over the whole screen, meaning you can quickly share your photos and videos instantly without leaving your game. That should speed things up nicely!

ps4 update new share menu

Upload longer videos

Upload longer videos to Twitter with an increase from 10 seconds up to 140 seconds.

Enhanced user profiles

  • Add custom background images
  • Easier to compare trophy progress with other friends

Create folders

  • Create folders and organize your PS4 games. You’ll be able to create and place folders on the home-screen and organize your apps and games in one convenient place.

ps4 update 4.0 new folders

Library update

The PlayStation library will receive some welcome changes, including:

  • A new Purchase tab so you can see all the games you’ve bought, and apps you’ve downloaded
  • Better sorting options for your content, including purchase date and install status

Trophy updates

  • Views your trophies while offline
  • View the details of a hidden trophy

How to download the PS4 4.0 update

You’ll be prompted to download the PS4 update as soon as its released when you turn on your console. 

What is the release date for the PS4 4.0 update?

The launch date has yet to be confirmed, though we’re expecting it to land week commencing Monday September 12, 2016.

This isn’t the definitive list of change in PS4 update 4.0! Stay tuned for more details. We’re expecting it to be available any day now.