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PS4 Co-Op Puzzler We Were Here Is Out Now For Free, Rest Of Series Coming Feb. 23

Total Mayhem Games has announced that We Were Here is now available to claim for free on PS4 until February 23, at which point the rest of the series will be made available. It’s available now in the US and Europe via the PlayStation Store, so pop on over now and grab your copy of We Were Here on PS4.

We Were Here Too And We Were Here Together will be made available separately or as a complete bundle alongside We Were Here. Each is a standalone title that can be experienced in any order, but are connected by a ‘mysterious narrative.’ All three games take the form of cooperative puzzle romps, where you solve conundrums via communication and observation.

Players must talk and work alongside each other to progress through We Were Here, particularly when you’re trapped and separated inside Castle Rock.

Lucia de Visser, managing director, commented:

We’ve seen time and time again that our games bring people together. Whether it’s old friends playing online, romantic partners gaming together, or even strangers meeting online or at conventions, We Were Here connects people. Especially these days with Covid-19 forcing separation and isolation, spending time together to explore, solve puzzles, and just… connect, can be uplifting.

That’s why we’re so glad that we can offer the first We Were Here for free to everyone on PlayStation. Millions of people have enjoyed the We Were Here Series to date, and we hope that many more will be able to find some joy and a moment of togetherness in the halls of Castle Rock in the midst of the pandemic.

We Were Here is also free to snap up for Xbox and Steam platforms too, and there’s an online care pack available, too.

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We Were Here is out now for PS4 with the next two titles releasing on February 23.