PS4-exclusive RPG Deep Down trademark registered in U.S.


Capcom has registered a trademark for its elusive PlayStation 4-exclusive Deep Down, igniting hope that the action-RPG title may resurface at some point after a lengthy hiatus. 

The Japanese publisher registered the Deep Down trademark in the U.S., which means it may be looking to release the game still, but hasn’t said anything more on the title in quite some time. Deep Down was originally announced at the PS4 reveal event four years ago, and was showcased again a little later, but nothing ever materialised on the project. 

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono confirmed that the game will a free-to-play title, and takes place in New York in the year 2094 while combining elements of both Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls. As such, Deep Down is presented as a dungeon crawler featuring historical settings that take on a medieval/fantasy vibe, with players battling against a variety of creatures such as Ogres, shapeshifters, and dragons.

Initially, Capcom had planned for Deep Down to enter a public beta phase in Japan around the same time as the launch of the PS4 in that country. The game’s release date was targeting a 2014 launch, although Capcom later admitted that the concept for Deep Down had greatly expanded beyond what was announced in 2013. 

Capcom said in early 2015 that the project had not been cancelled, but that’s the last we heard on the game. Could Deep Down finally resurface at E3 or the Tokyo Game Show this year? 

Source: GamingBolt