PS4 finally beaten by Xbox One in U.S. monthly sales, but Sony reminds us it’s still no.1 worldwide

The NPD Group has confirmed that Xbox One emerged victorious as the best-selling console in the U.S. for October 2015, ending PlayStation 4’s lengthy reign at the top spot despite Sony’s console also receiving a price drop

Microsoft’s console saw the release of the hugely anticipated Halo 5: Guardians, which resulted in sales of Xbox One nearly doubling year-on-year and beating PS4 after many months of playing second-fiddle to Sony’s current-generation platform in the hardware battle. Unsurprisingly, Halo 5 was also the top-selling video game for October 2015 in the U.S., with NBA 2K16 also performing well.

Sony didn’t seem all that put out by the beating however, highlighting PS4’s continued success and not shying away from the fact it remains the best-selling console of this generation worldwide. In fact, Microsoft has already admitted that the PS4’s lead over Xbox One is so great that it may not be able to catch up with its lead rival.

"We are truly humbled by the success of the PlayStation 4 and look forward to celebrating with our fans at PlayStation Experience in December," said the company. "Thank you to our community for making PlayStation 4 the top selling console globally."

Indeed, Sony has enjoyed another bumper year for its flagship console, announcing last month that PS4 has sold-in nearly 30 million units worldwide. September 2015 proved particularly significant for the format holder, with revenue generated by the PlayStation Store reaching an all-time high in the U.S. Across the pond meanwhile, PS4 has been tracking well ahead of the PS2, which to date is the best-selling games console of all time; analysts expect PS4 to fall slightly short of that console’s 155 million milestone however, predicting sales of 130 million. 

via GameSpot