PS4 is winning console war in 2018, say analysts

PlayStation 4 will be winning the next-generation console war by a considerable amount come 2018, say analysts.

The agency in question, DFC Intelligence, regularly publishes research on the video game industry. Their latest prediction, as seen via Jack Tretton’s recent Fox Business interview, says that PS4 will command 55 percent of next-gen console sales by 2018. Microsoft’s Xbox One lags behind considerably, with only 30 percent of next-gen mindshare by the same year. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s Wii is (expectedly) in dead last, with DFC predicting only 15 percent of next-gen console sales by 2018 going toward the sales-troubled console.

These are only predictions, granted, but PS4’s wealth of good press and industry speculation bodes well for Sony’s immediate future and reflects how consumer attitudes toward the company’s humility and passion have been extremely positive.’

Then again, it’s not all sunshine and roses with PS4. Recent rumors suggest that video sharing to YouTube may not be possible on Sony’s crown jewel, though Shuhei Yoshida has offered vague reassurance to the contrary..