PS4 post-launch video celebrates biggest console launch ever – ‘The PlayStation Nation is sharing its greatness’

Sony has today released a new video celebrating the record-breaking North American launch of the PlayStation 4.

The PS4’s launch–deemed as the biggest in console history–saw an unprecedented demand for the system, with many online and high street retailers still unable to fulfill pre-orders.

In North America alone, the console sold a whopping one million units in just 24 hours. As seen in the video below, since its release, over 800,000 PS4 gamers have broadcast live gameplay steams, while spectator sessions have hit an unrivaled 7 million.

In celebration, SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton mentioned there are currently 180 games are in development for PS4, alluding to the fact that the future is exceedingly bright for PlayStation going into the new year.

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