PS4 Slim to be released in addition to the PlayStation Neo – report

Sony will release a PlayStation 4 Slim in addition to the previously-announced PlayStation Neo, according to a Tweet by a reporter for The Wall Street Journal. 

The Slim edition of Sony’s flagship console is reportedly due to surface by the time the Tokyo Game Show rolls around in September. Note that analysts have said that this is in addition to the Neo, so it’s not simply another name for the upcoming PS4 revamp. 


This is the first we’ve heard about a PS4 Slim, and Sony has yet to make any official announcement regarding a sleeker, more cost efficient version of its latest gaming platform. 

PS4 Neo is real, but we’re still no closer to finding out a release date

Sony announced the PlayStation Neo after months of rumors the week before E3, although the console itself wasn’t shown off at the Los Angeles event. However, it is expected we’ll get our first look at the new hardware at TGS. 

Speaking to The Guardian, Andrew House, Group CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), said that the Neo is not designed to replace the existing PS4, and that gamers can expect titles to run with increased visual fidelity on the new system.

And perhaps we have an opportunity to move slightly away from just a static console that remains absolutely the same for a period of six, seven, eight years, and perhaps offer, in addition to the current PlayStation 4, something a little extra. Particularly – and I should stress this – in the area of graphical fidelity, and games that will essentially play an awful lot prettier," he said.

Elsewhere, Sony’s head of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, recently confirmed that the Neo was not powering any of the company’s E3 2016 demos, and that the device will not shorten the console’s lifecycle.

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