PS4 system update 4.70 causing freezing, crashing issues, possible fix detailed


Gamers are flocking to Reddit to report a number of issues following the launch of PS4 system update 4.70 earlier today.

One of the main issues appears to be the PS4 being stuck on the blue-wave image during the boot up sequence, with users have to restart their console numerous times before the game hits the main menu. Even after doing so, PS4 owners are noting they do not have access to PlayStation Network. 

It seems the deployment of the patch is the cause of the issues, as one user details below:

Turned my PS4 onto rest mode a few minutes before the update went up to take a break and go cook some food. Came back and the PS4 turned on normally, but the normally moving blue waves of the default theme weren’t moving, controller did nothing, music still played though.

Anyways, hard reset by holding down the top button on the machine itself, tried a few times to no avail, let it sit for another twenty minutes, agonizing and having a mini-panic attack as I imagined all the scenarios in which whatever guy I’d end up talking to on phone support could be useless and unhelpful.

Anyways, got the thing to turn on and noticed there was an update ready, but an error caused it to not download. Canceled and deleted the file, tried to install again. Had about 5 seconds left on the ETA when it stopped progressing. PS4 still worked now, but when I tried to pause and resume the download, it froze again. After about 15 seconds it came back, so I canceled and deleted it again, this time just gonna entirely ignore the update until the next one, perhaps.

PS4 update 4.70 fix

While Sony has not yet addressed these issues, which to be fair do seem pretty widespread, a number of Reddit posters have found that starting in safe mode and then updating appears to fix the problem.

Disconnected external hard drive Started in safe mode (then it wouldn’t pick up my controller, so turned it off) Restarted x 2 after only getting to the blue screen Got to main menu, reconnected the external hard drive, let it repair it Restarted again, this time it let me connect to the playstation network and download the update.

Source: Reddit