PS4 update 5.0 beta gets a new patch to fix update 4.74


Sony has released a new PS4 5.0 beta update allowing those of you who accidentally reverted to version 4.74 to regain access to the teaser.

PS4 update 4.74 was rolled out just last week, although it was only part of Sony’s continued incremental patches for its flagship console. 

However, some gamers who are participating in the ongoing PS4 update 5.0 beta have by mistake upgraded to 4.74, kicking them out of the beta. Sony was made aware of this issue last week, and warned users involved in the beta not to update. 

Fortunately, the issue has now been resolved, and with this latest beta update you can now get back in if you accidentally updated your system. 

PS4 update 5.0 is the next major patch for the console, and will include a number of new features including an overhauled family management system, PS4 Pro broadcasting @ 60fps/1080p, and other additions.