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PS4 Wrap-Up Feature Unveiled, Breaks Down Your 2019 PS4 Gaming Trends

Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled a handy PS4 wrap-up feature that offers a detailed breakdown of how you spent your gaming time the console in 2019, specifically the PS4 hours played. This includes your most played game, how long you played for, your favorite genre, Trophies, and much more.

PlayStation Wrap-Up Now Available

PS4 Year In Review 2019 – Check Your PS4 Hours Played

In addition, the PlayStation 2019 wrap-up feature is also dishing out a number of freebies, including a dynamic theme and seven avatars. If you fancy finding out your gaming accomplishments for last year, and how to check hours played on PS4 then hit up the PS4 wrap-up page here.

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Here’s a lineup of the avatars available and what they mean for you:

  • Action Hero — for the gamer who lives for the epic moments in action-adventure games
  • Legendary Warrior — for the gamer who steps up to the challenge in fighting games
  • Master Explorer — for the gamer who has continually aced that platformer game
  • Master Strategist — for the gamer who loves solving puzzles in a good strategy game
  • Speed Demon — for the gamer who leaves their fellow drivers in the dust in a fast-paced driving/racing game
  • Sports Phenom — for the gamer with a competitive edge and a love for sports games
  • Marksman — for the gamer who hits their mark in a shooter game
PS4 Wrap Up
PS4 Wrap Up: What were your favorite games and genres? Well, now you can find out!

Sony is gearing up for a major 2020 with the release of the PlayStation 5, which is scheduled to hit shops this holiday season.

While the console hasn’t been fully revealed yet, it has been rumored that Sony is going to host a special event in New York City next month to unveil the PS5 for the first time. Having said that, a bunch of major PlayStation executives have been spotted in the San Francisco area this week, so something else might be on the cards.

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Stay tuned to for more details on the PS5 as they become available.