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PS5 Confirmed To Have 4K Blu-Ray Drive


In the massive deluge of PS5 information today, such as the release date, first DualShock 5 details, and confirmation of hardware ray-tracing, we’ve learned something else – the PS5 will indeed sport a 4K Blu-Ray drive (something that the PS4 Pro arguably should have had).

The tidbit was confirmed by tech site WIRED as they pulled back the curtain today on the technical specification of the PS5.

You can catch the quote below:

But data adds up too. “If you look at a game like Marvel’s Spider-Man,” Cerny says, “there are some pieces of data duplicated 400 times on the hard drive.” The SSD sweeps away the need for all that duping—so not only is its raw read speed dramatically faster than a hard drive, but it saves crucial space. How developers will take advantage of that space will likely differ; some may opt to build a larger or more detailed game world, others may be content to shrink the size of the games or patches. Either way, physical games for the PS5 will use 100GB optical disks, inserted into an optical drive that doubles as a 4K Bluray player.

Source: WIRED