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PS5 Crushes Xbox Series X/S At Launch In Spain, Selling Three Times As Many Units

PS5 has outsold Xbox Series X by a margin of more than 3 to 1 in Spain during the launch period, latest figures have revealed. You can see the breakdown of figures below:

  • PS5: 43,000
  • PS2: 40,000
  • PS4: 38,000
  • PS3: 35,000
  • Xbox Series X|S: 14,100
  • Xbox One: 15,000 Xbox 360: 14,900

The sales figures were revealed in Spanish tech journal Vandal before being retweeted by respected industry analyst Danial Ahmad on Twitter.

Additionally, there were other takeaways to be had with this data too.

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Not only did the Sony outsell its rival at launch in Spain, but the PS5 also sold more than every other PlayStation console that released in that territory previously.

Though Ahmad made the salient point that stock sell-outs were a given as a result of the demand for both consoles, he did also confirm that the PS5 is expected to be the eventual market of the leader as well.


So it seems like that when taken with the PS5’s equally stellar Japanese launch performance, that Sony’s new console is off to a blazing start. As ever though, we’ll need to get a look at the full European and US sales totals to get a better idea as to where things stand.

Source: [Vandal] via [Daniel Ahmad]