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PS5 Game Boost Trailer Gives The Console Feature Its Own Logo

Sony Interactive Entertainment has lifted the wraps off a PS5 Game Boost trailer for your viewing pleasure, which highlights the advantages of the feature while also unveiling its very own logo.

Check out the trailer below.

Game Boost is a feature that overhauls select PS4 titles via backwards compatibility, allowing them to run superior to the original versions. Interestingly, the trailer includes the Shadow of the Colossus remake from Bluepoint Games, which is a game that hasn’t been patched to improve its performance on PS5.

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The PS5 is fully backwards compatible with thousands of PS4 games, with only a small selection either not working on running with issues. In many cases, Sony’s new hardware adds improvements to frame rate and resolution, although some titles, while working fine, do not receive any major upgrades.

Sony launched the PS5 in November 2020 in the US and UK, and the console has sold 7.8 million units worldwide as of March 31, 2021.

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