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PS5 Pro’s Upscaling Solution Can Reportedly Bring 1080p Games Up To 4K Visuals

If you’re someone that owns a PS5 and has been following games industry news in the last few weeks, you’ll have heard plenty by this point about the coming PS5 Pro.

Mainly that the technical specifications for the console have seemingly leaked, and now a new report, this time from Digital Foundry, is corroborating that the leaks are indeed real.

Digital Foundry says they’ve viewed the Sony internal documents these leaks came from, and if they’re real, then it’s possible to talk about the results these new numbers can bring.

Which, again, according to Digital Foundry, could potentially not be much, especially when talking about CPU improvements. The GPU increase definitely seems to be noteworthy, but where the excitement about the PS5 Pro lies doesn’t seem to be with the hardware, it’s with a brand new upscaling solution from PlayStation.

What seems to be PlayStation’s equivalent to NVIDIA’s DLSS upscaling technology, PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) could be the real big ‘game-changer’ to come with the PS5 Pro.

So much in fact, that it could upscale 1080p games to 4K visuals, according to the internal documents. What’s more exciting is that it seems like this should still work with older titles, so long as developers patch them to take advantage of PSSR, of course.

“It looks like all games can benefit from PSSR if the developer goes back to them, even if they’re on older SDKs. It looks like developers can go back to those games and patch in support for PSSR, without having to update to the SDK,” said Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter.

“This is potentially awesome, because a lot of the games that are out there that are unlikely to receive full upgrades to the latest SDK and the full PS5 Pro features, it does mean that you can at least get the PSSR upgrade in there, if the developer goes back and adds that feature.

Which I think is excellent because there have been so many games where – let’s face facts – the resolution has been too low, and upscaling hasn’t been good enough to offset that.”

Source – [Digital Foundry]