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PSN Maintenance – PlayStation Network Status Is DOWN – 01/10/2019 UPDATE

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It looks like that the PlayStation Network is currently DOWN across the world owing to some seemingly unplanned PSN maintenance.

A post from Ubisoft on its forums has confirmed the fact, noting that users have not been able to login to a number of its online connected games.

PS4 Error WS-37432-9 – PSN Network Status

Owing to the outage, a number of users who cannot access the PlayStation Network will see PS4 error WS-37432-9 which basically highlights the fact that there is no way to access PSN at present.

Another related error that some users are seeing is PS4 Error NP-35000-8 – which we’ve covered in our error digest, here.

Stay tuned as we keep an eye on this current session of PlayStation Network maintenance.

UPDATE – October 1, 2019 @ 4.45pm BST

We’ve checked the PSN server status feature on Sony’s site, and it claims that ‘all services are up and running.’ Therefore, we expect PSN to begin coming back online in all territories anytime now, unless there is more unexpected downtime.

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