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PS4 Error np-35000-8 – What Is It And Possible Fixes

Sony‘s current-generation console is no stranger to receiving its fair share of issues seven years on, with users flagging up PS4 error np-35000-8 (or np-35000-8 PS4) as one of the most notorious niggles with the console. Chances are you’re probably familiar with this error, so we’ve done a bit of digging and taken a look at this PlayStation Network status problem, as well as any possible remedies for this issue..

PS4 Error np-35000-8

According to Sony’s official website, PS4 error np-35000-8 pertains to Playstation maintenance; in other words, any time PSN is down for a bit of PS4 network maintenance, you’ll probably run into this issue. The good news is it’s nothing to do with your PS4, as it’s out of your hands.

Here’s Sony’s official blurb:

NP-35000-8, WC-40383-8 — PSN is undergoing maintenance

PS4 error np-35000-8 – Possible Fixes

If you’ve run into this error, then there isn’t really much you can do until the PlayStation Network maintenance has been completed. Sony recommends checking the status of PSN here, although testing your Internet connection too may help if it’s a separate issue. As mentioned, this is related to PSN, so there isn’t a ‘fix’ as such Sony says to sit tight until the servers are back online.

If we find any other errors doing the rounds, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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