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PS5 Backwards Compatibility Confirmed in Huge Info Blowout

Controlling Your Own Experience Will Be The Key Feature of The PS5

We’ve got some good news if, like us, you enjoy revisiting previous gen classics every once in a while: PS5 backwards compatibility has been officially confirmed!

The new information comes via an exclusive interview between Wired and Mark Cerny, published earlier today, during which the console’s chief architect revealed a veritable cornucopia of interesting titbits about Sony’s next generation console.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Confirmed – Here’s How it Works

According to Cerny, backwards compatibility is possible on the PS5 because the internal architecture is based, in part, on the PS4. It’s as simple as that.

And, though backwards compatibility isn’t the be-all and end-all, it’s definitely a feather in Sony’s cap. Not just because it ensures players have an even bigger library of games at their disposal when the PS5 finally arrives (which won’t be this year, in case you were wondering), but because many titles will be released on both PS4 and PS5 in the console’s early days.

Consequently, players who decide not to invest in a PS5 straight away can rest safe in the knowledge that they’ll still be able to enjoy their PS4 games on the new console further down the line.

We’ll be bringing you plenty more PS5 coverage over the coming months; indeed, we already have various articles on our site detailing everything from the identity of the developer’s rumoured to be working with the new hardware, to the console’s CPU.

Expect to see much more emerge from the Wired interview, too, as the week progresses.

Source: Wired

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