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PS5 CPU Leak Reveals A Huge Leap In Power Vs PS4 Pro

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The details of the PS5 CPU have been leaked. Discovered by PCGamesN, the product code for the AMD chip has surfaced online, and through this set of characters there’s a fair chunk of information that can be extracted.

The PS5 CPU product number is 2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9. This has been deciphered and posted on Twitter by @Komachi_Ensaka. It also ties in with the previous leaks of the PlayStation 5 specifications from earlier this year.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2 = ES1
  • 1600 = Sony Custom SoC (PS5?)
  • 2C = TDP
  • E = Package
  • 8 = 8C
  • J = Cache Size
  • A2 = A2 Stepping (?)
  • 32 = 3.2Ghz (Boost)
  • 10 = 1.0Ghz (Base)
  • 10 = iGPU Clock? (1Ghz?)
  • 13E9 = PCI-ID : Navi 10LITE (GFX1000/1001).

“If the PlayStation 5 is using an SM-enabled Zen+ core at its heart you could be looking at a games console in 2020 which has 16 threads of processing power inside it,” writes PCGamesN. “And with the touted 3.2GHz boost clock it’s going to be running mighty quickly too. The Jaguar cores in the PS4 Pro are currently running at just 2.13GHz, which is more than 1GHz slower than the potential top-speed of the PS5.”

This is far more prominent than the leap we had from PS4 to PS4 Pro. This is a huge leap in power and far more powerful than the Jaguar chipsets that the PS4/Pro and Xbox 1/X all share.

However, the CPU is just one part of the overall puzzle that is the architecture of the PS5. The GPU is another key part of the PS5’s hardware makeup that we don’t know too much about, however, PCGamesN also believe that the PS5 GPU will offer an in-step improvement with the CPU too.

“There isn’t the same level of detail about the Navi 10Lite GPU the Zen+ chip is going to be paired with, however. The speculation is that the ‘10′ in front of the ‘13E9′ GPU ID could relate to the clockspeed of the chip, putting it at 1GHz. Compared with the Polaris-esque graphics silicon in the PS4 Pro, running at 911MHz, that would put the 7nm Navi GPU a fair bit quicker in frequency terms.”

As we get closer to Sony’s eventual PS5 announcement, we’re starting to get a firmer picture of the PS5’s capabilities – and that picture is of a machine that is stupendously powerful and certainly a much bigger leap over PS4 Pro than that machine is over the base PS4.

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