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PS4 is almost five years old now, and it’s at that age where talk moves to ‘what’s next?’ for Sony, especially in light of their recent cancelling of the E3 2019 briefing this year. Well, if these PS5 specs are even halfway close to being true then it’s looking good – especially for players looking forward to PSVR 2.

There’s been the odd murmur of dev kits for PlayStation 5 being handed out to developers, and now it appears we might have the first look at some of the PS5 specs for the next generation console.

Now while the site (SemiAccurate) that claim to have the PS5 specifications has some credibility with its previous console spec leaks (the Nintendo Switch and PS4), it is certainly no guarantee of this being accurate or indeed true. Even so, there is a some plausibility in the information.

Updated – 18/01/19 – AMD PS5 CPU Leak

PS5 Specs – AMD Navi, AMD Zen, PSVR 2, GPU, CPU, Memory

The main takeaways from the information (which is otherwise behind a professional level subscription that costs $1000) are as follows.

  • PS5 will use AMD’s Navi as its base architecture. It does not specifically use Navi though.
  • The PS5 CPU will be Zen-based. In early 2019, AMD aims to release the Zen 2 chipset – so it’ll be interesting to see what version of that chip features in the PS5.
  • Large amount of PS5 devkits have apparently gone out (which has been previously reported, but unconfirmed).
  • The article’s author suggests 2018 release of PS5 is not out of the question based on the amount of devkits released. Obviously, now that we’re in 2019, we know that isn’t the case any longer. That said, if PS5 launches later this year, or even in early 2020, we’d expect an announcement shortly either way.
  • PS5 will have VR “goodies” baked in at the silicon level. That would be a smart move if Sony want to blend PSVR 2 into the PS5 from the start. We would look for much higher resolution and higher detail PSVR games, coupled with new room-scale VR games and apps similar to what HTC Vive user currently enjoy.
  • Though it isn’t confirmed, we’d expect the PS5 to at least match the current PS4 Pro’s 8GB of GDDR5 memory. It is likely however, that not only will the PS5 double it, but that Sony’s next generation console will use a new type of memory too.
PS5 Specs Spider-man
One of the best looking games available this generation, the proposed PS5 specs would mean that Sony’s next home console could produce visuals that are far more detailed.

18/01/19 – AMD PS5 CPU Leak

The plot thickens!

On 18/01/19, a tweet from a respected Japanese tech blogger was released which purportedly lay claim to the discovery of the internal code reference that AMD have assigned to the PS5 CPU.

Most enticingly, the CPU that is being referenced is an SM-enabled Zen+ core that runs sixteen threads of processing power at 3.2Ghz. To better frame that, the PS5’s CPU will be more than 1Ghz faster than the CPU found in the PS4 Pro and it’ll have twice the number of processing threads – easily outstripping any of the CPUs in today’s consoles.

With the technical bottleneck of the PS4 and PS4 Pro (and also the Xbox One and Xbox One X) being the rapidly ageing Jaguar CPU array that all those consoles share, PS5 looks to be on track to completely refresh the CPU dynamic for the next generation of consoles.

PS5 – Backwards Compatibility, 4K Visuals at 60FPS?

Again, this is purely a rumour at this stage, but it’s hard to ignore given previous spec information released by SemiAccurate and the recent AMD CPU leak has been proven true. At the very least, and looking at the current capabilities of the PS4 Pro, we’d look for PS5 to provide 4K visuals at 60 FPS at a minimum.

Ultimately, it’s not hard, however, to believe Sony is looking to the next step in its console division. The PS4 has already far surpassed expectations, and sales are surely reaching a plateau sooner rather than later – something Sony has surely realised by cancelling both last years traditional PSX and this year’s E3 showings.

It might be alarming to think a new PlayStation console could be coming sooner rather than later, but if it does then you’d have to hope Sony have Backwards Compatibility right out of the gate; especially given the competition from Microsoft’s own formidable backwards compatibility program.

PS5 Specs God of War
The notion of a backwards compatible PS5 console running God of War at native 4K and 60 FPS has us salivating.

Additionally, one would hope that the higher processing horsepower of the new machine could be put to use in improving current PS4 titles. Imagine what God of War would look like running in native 4K at 60 frames per second? The mind boggles.

What do you think of these PS5 specs? Think there’s any truth in them? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime we’ll keep this page updated as soon as we know more – so stay tuned.

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  • YaCoVv

    How much this parts cost?

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  • Dennis

    Well, we shall see what’s what.

  • azoreseuropa

    False.. It should be out in 2021 or 2022 to be likely true. They prefer 10 years span. So that’s perfectly years to come. Not next year, silly!

    • Dom Fz

      10 years support. But console release cycle has been 6-7years. 2020 is likely

    • Mark Alperovitz

      umm i think your wrong …a 2019 or 2020 the latest ,,sales are leveling out,,they want to launch before microsoft,,,and a 10 year cycle is just way to long,,ps3 days are over

      • andrewsqual

        No Microsoft want to launch before Sony. We already know Sony can overtake Microsoft even if they release their console a year later, a year and a half in Europe lol.

        Microsoft launched the same time as Sony this gen and was left in the dirt easily, they DO NOT want to give Sony a head start or its over.

    • gothicvillas

      Lol 3-4 yrs from now, ps4 will be a museum worth piece of technology

      • Jimmy’s Sandwich

        And I’ll still have backlog of games I haven’t gotten to.

      • andrewsqual

        And yet by then, no other dev will still have beat the animations of 2016’s Uncharted 4, just like how 9 years after Uncharted 2 over 90% of games still can’t beat it lol.

  • It should be about the games

    There’s no way Sony will release the PS5 this year. Most experts think we’ll likely see it in 2 years time. As for the specs, well I have no idea what any of that meant. Having PSVR at the base level is nice if it’s true though.

  • Toru

    The spec and SDK (software Development Kit) are probably 60 to 70 % true, but the release date are just their own opinion. Having SDK does not mean the releasing date are confirmed. Because Developer tend to have SDK 3 to 2 years before the console releasing on the market. And also the spec can change prior to release day because the SDK is still in development, the SDK they got is just the prototype. PS4 SDK also been in developer 2 years before it was release and PS3 SDK had many variant and version. So even if developer had their hand on holiday 2017, the final consumer build is not yet finalize and ready. Probably 2019 or 2020.

  • Albert Belle

    If Sony releases a new system next year and it is superior to the Xbox One X, Microsoft and their systems are done for. they are already lagging behind everyone and the only think keeping them hanging on is their specs.

    • Icebreakerr

      next year nope probs in 2020. but whatever sony does always beats microsoft

    • sparcuk

      I wonder how many times over the years MS have heard they are ‘done for’ in a market sector

      • Albert Belle

        It’s only because the gaming industry coddles them and forgets all the awful things they have done and claim they have to keep them around for competition. But out of all the companies that have gone into then console business Microsoft is the worst. They have never won a console generation. They were either behind Nintendo or behind Sony and their practices are responsible for many of the bad habits other companies have adopted.

        It’s only now they are playing they are friendly but they are still up to their same tricks. When Sega, Nintendo and Sony were in competition we had defining moments in gaming. Microsoft was just trying to squeeze every penny they could get out of gamers and had no respect for gaming. Look at what they did to Rare the greatest gaming company ever. They screwed it up and it can barely release decent game. If anyone had any modem of sense they would have dropped Microsoft a long time ago.

        • Beasley2K

          It’s not an either/or situation – Microsoft have ALWAYS been behind Sony when it comes to consoles. Xbox is yet to outsell PlayStation in a single generation.

      • EmpeRawD

        If the PS5 is more powerful than the next Xbox and they continue to have true exclusives. Then yes. MS is basically done. The only thing that will save them, is dropping the requirement for console owners to pay for XBL

    • neonspark

      lol. no.

  • TheObserver

    It should be common knowledge by now:
    PS5 will be released in November 2019 and announced sometime during 2018.

    p.s. I fully agree with that strategy.

    • neonspark


  • EmpeRawD

    Sony just make sure that it’s more powerful than the next Xbox and continue to keep your games off PC.

  • Beasley2K

    Make sure all PlayStation exclusives are true exclusives by taking them off of PC and you’re already way in the league by having something that Xbox doesn’t.

  • neonspark

    2018 release LOL.

  • Alisa Maer

    lol, it used to be worse

  • Fear Monkey

    I wonder if Sony will have two Sku’s at launch, one where it comes with PSVR for a higher price. I believe it when they say VR options will be baked in at launch. I have thought it likely that they would encourage developers to make any game made for the PS5 compatible with VR in some way, even if its just 3D stereoscopic.

  • Rob

    late 2020 is looking likely now or even later 🙁