PSN mobile site now ready for purchasing on the go

Sony has now unleashed the mobile site for the Sony Entertainment Network, or PlayStation Network.

Gamers stuck in the middle of commuting or away from their PlayStations for the day can now pick up their phone and access the games and add-ons they want right away. Even better still is that, with a few setting changes on the PlayStation 3, titles and content purchased in this manner can be downloaded and installed by the time players return home. This can be achieved through PlayStation Plus by going to the Automatic Update section of the Settings XMB bar, then turn the update period to two hours. Games will download and install while players are away. With enhancements like this already underway, the PlayStation experience that will come with the PlayStation 4 already looks brighter than what consumers have had with the PS3.

Take a look at a preview of the mobile site below, and navigate to the official mobile site at this link here. Do you plan on using this new feature?