PSU’s Top 3 Halloween PS3 Picks

Happy Halloween! In spirit of the holiday, PSU decided to compile a list of the top three videogames this year that had us hiding behind the sofa in a gibbering, girlish wreck. If you already own these games or have a bit of spare cash lying about to snap up a copy, then we recommend you celebrate the occasion by cranking up the volume, turning out the lights and experiencing some of the PlayStation 3’s finest horror delights of 2008.

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#1 – Siren: Blood Curse

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio, Siren: Blood Curse is a classic slice of Survival Horror action offered via a series of bit-sized episodic chunks on PlayStation Network. The game itself is a retelling of the original PlayStation 2 release, documenting the struggle of a TV camera crew investigating the cursed Japanese village of Hanuda. Featuring blood soaked visuals, compelling storyline and an abundance of dead folk baying for your blood, Siren is one fright fest you won’t forget in a hurry.

#2 – Condemned 2: Bloodshot


Condemned 2: Bloodshot pits players in the shoes of former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, Ethan Thomas, who has been summoned back into the line of duty in an effort to track down his missing partner. This latest instalment in the gritty, psychological tale features all-new online multiplayer functionality, in addition to a revamped combat system, allowing players to chain together various defensive and offensive techniques in order to overcome their foes.

#3 – Dead Space

EA’s foray into the world of Survival Horror doesn’t disappoint. Taking on the role of space engineer Issac Clark, you are tasked with responding to a distress call from the USG Ishimura, where he soon discovers that the vessel has been overtaken by legions of flesh eating beasts known as Necromorphs. Trapped in the isolated craft in the outer reaches of space with only the mutilated corpses of the crew to keep you company, players find a way to repair the Ishimura while battling against hordes of Necromorphs using the game’s decidedly gory strategic dismemberment system, allowing you to literally blow apart your foes limb by limb. One of the most gruesome, viscerally satisfying horror outings in years.