PSU’s Top 3 Scariest games to come…

In honor of Halloween, PSU decided to launch a feature showcasing some of the creepiest and scariest PlayStation titles set to hit in the next couple years.

We talk about everything from general storyline to why it will have you washing your pants every time your pick up and play. These are the titles you play with your lights on and accompanied by the most courageous of friends.

Release: 2008


The fog-bound town of Silent Hill returns once more with its next-generation debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with gamers this time assuming the role of Alex Shepherd; a war veteran who returns home to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father and brother. Shepherd’s travels eventually bring him to the eerie town of Silent Hill, where, in typical fashion, his discerns that something isn’t quite right.

Indeed, no sooner than he arrives does Shepherd find himself attacked by all manner of grotesque monstrosities, such as demonic nurses, emaciated acid-spewing corpses and legions of other ghastly creatures that populate the streets and buildings of the ghostly town. Using his experience as a solider, Shepherd must overcome his fears and battle through the dilapidated, decaying world of Silent Hill utilizing all-new combat techniques and manoeuvres in order to discover the truth of his family’s disappearance.

Why is it scary?

Silent Hill has never been a series to rely your traditional shock tactics to get a scare or two out of the player. Rather, these titles bring a psychological element into the fold, fuelling your fears with a hint of something not quite right in the distance, or the sound of an ominous cry, allowing your mind to accumulate an impending sense of doom as you explore.

The enemy designs in particular stand out as far from your generic, hulking clawed beast; as grotesque as they are, they are also ambiguous in their execution, and more than often, woven into an equally compelling plot line – – and from what we’ve seen, Silent Hill 5 looks set to continue this trend, right down to the last pair of soiled underwear.

The power of next-generation machines affords developer The Collective ample room to create some of the most realistic, grotesque locations ever seen in the series to date. Expect copious amounts of detail to be thrown into every nook and cranny that Shepherd’s flashlight unravels — from boil-ridden, decaying monsters to the darkened, haunted corridors of Silent Hill’s infamous ‘Otherworld’ locations.

Other elements playing a key role to the experience include detailed real-time lighting effects (allowing for some brilliantly atmospheric touches, sending shadows dancing across a particular environment), chilling sound effects (the creatures in the game sound as deformed and tortured as previous instalments) and, as mentioned, an array of truly disturbing foes.

Furthermore, long time fans can expect series composer Akira Yamaoka to be on hand once again to supplement the action with his chilling, evocative compositions, which have long become a staple of the series over the years. Going by the developer’s assurance that this latest instalment has more in common with Silent Hill 2’s psychological elements, it’s safe to assume that Silent Hill 5 will no doubt prove itself as the catalyst for gamer’s nightmares throughout 2008.

Release: Spring 2008


Developed by Monolith Productions, Condemned 2: Bloodshot immerses the player back into the world of macabre like characters and shady environments made best known by its predecessor Criminal Origins.

You continue the story playing as Ethan Thomas, a former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, who has been called back to duty to track down his missing partner. While attempting to drown out dark memories of the past and fight inner demons that continue to haunt him, Ethan must unravel a sinister conspiracy that covers the city in darkness.

Why is it so scary?

In Condemned 2: Bloodshot players will once again wander into dark evil places, however instead of rundown subway stations and schools, players will tour such environments as an abandoned Doll Factory and an immense garbage barge.

Outside of creepy levels, frightening enemies will be in abundance. Everything from a toasty burned victim to facially disfigured bums will leap from corners and drop from ceilings, thrashing and biting. Not the kind of people you want to meet in everyday life.

Then to top it off, Monolith Productions has cooked up another bizarre and twisted storyline. Puzzles involving the dead, finding a lost partner, and fighting with inner demons all provide for one creepy tale.

Release: 2009


Set approximately ten years after the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, Resident Evil 5 takes place in modern day Haiti, where series veteran Chris Redfield, now working for an organisation known only as ‘BSAA’, has been sent into a remote village to investigate a series of mysterious of incidents. Redfield soon encounters hostile activity in the area, and is forced to defend himself from the local inhabitants, who appear to have become contaminated by some unknown form of malevolent viral infection.

Faced with overwhelming odds, Redfield’s survivalist skills will be pitted to the limits as he is forced to defend himself using a variety of weapons, including handguns, shotguns and automatic weaponry as he battles a seemingly relentless onslaught of foes, some apparently human — some not. Building on the highly successful Resident Evil 4, this latest instalment incorporates the extolled ‘over the shoulder’ gameplay elements seen in its predecessor, allowing gamers to experience survival horror from an entirely new, frantic perspective.

Why is it scary?

Much like its predecessor, Resident Evil 5 looks to be an amalgam of frantic, fast-paced action punctuated with droplets of tense, fear-inducing set pieces and battles. Players will once again be faced with the intimidating task of eliminating literally horde of enemies at any one time; a far cry away the select groups of slow, lumbering undead of past games. This combined with a truly drop-dead gorgeous visual experience should ensure it is also quite simply one of the best looking games available for the console, let alone one of the scariest – which can only help to fuel your fears.

True, while little has been shed on the game up until this point, you can rest assured that Resident Evil 5 will undoubtedly live up to its predecessor in every possible respect, including that ever-important pant wetting fright factor. With god only knows what kind of other horrors await Redfield beyond that of his human-like adversaries seen in the recent E3 trailer, Resident Evil 5 is sure to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the very best horror titles PS3 has to offer over the next 18 months.

Runners Up:

– Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation
– Silent Hill Origins
– Imabikisou