PSU’s Top 5 Must Have PS3 titles this Xmas

After slowly gathering momentum since its inception in late 2006, Sony’s PlayStation 3 now offers consumers a variety of some of the best software available on the market; with the holiday season fast approaching, we at PSU would like to take the time to remind gamers what games they should not miss out on, or indeed what titles are simply that great to warrant purchasing yourself a PS3. Join us now as we guide you through our definitive Top 5 Must Have PS3 titles this Xmas.


5. Need for Speed: Pro Street

Developed by EA Black Box, Need for Speed Pro Street takes gamers to a whole new world of racing. Instead of underground, run from the cops, style of gameplay players have seen in the past years, EA taking everything to the professional league raceways. This year gamers will drive muscle and show their scares instead of flashing bling and stylish imported parts.

Need for Speed Pro Street looks to be one of the most promising racing titles this year, providing more realistic racing and new gameplay. To read more, check out our hands on with the title here.


4. Haze

Developed by Free Radical Design, Haze is a futuristic first person shooter taking place in the year 2048 where players assume the role of Sergeant Shane Carpenter; a new recruit in the Mantel Global Industries army. From the start, Carpenter is sent to fights rebels in South America in the war between which began in the year 2032. As gamers progress through the game, they find secrets hidden behind this drug called "NECTAR" and the evil agenda plotted out by the Mantel Corporation.

What could rival being one the best first person shooters of the year, Haze offers players all the right ingredients for the perfect game; twist and turn sci-fi story, balanced and deep multiplayer, unique weapons, and four-player split screen co-op. For more details read up on Haze in any of our interviews with Rob Yescombe.


3. Assassin’s Creed

Developed by Ubisoft, players take control of an assassin named Altair, bent on murdering specific leaders during the medieval Crusades. Equipped with daggers and agility, players will run along rooftops and stealthily leap upon unsuspecting prey.

What makes this game so good you ask? Well from our perspective, Assassin’s Creed offer more than just 3rd person action gameplay. Outside of the amazing animations and beautiful landscapes, Assassin’s Creed offers an intense and mind bending storyline as well as unique AI that brings the world to life. To read more on why this is a must buy this holiday season check out our hands on preview of the title here.


2. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Developed by Crash Bandicoot fathers Naughty Dog, Uncharted casts players in the shoes of Nathan Drake; a long lost descendant of the legendary explorer himself, Sir Francis Drake. Hot in pursuit of the mythical lost treasure of El Dorado, Drake finds himself on a remote Island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, where he must defend himself from unscrupulous mercenaries and employ a variety of acrobatic manoeuvres and other tactics to thwart his adversaries and unravel the Island’s many secrets.

Amusingly dubbed “bloke Raider” by many, as a nod to the games similarities with the Tomb Raider series, Uncharted is the adventure highlight of 2007; featuring dense jungles, ancient ruins, meticulously rendered lighting and particle efforts and an intuitive combat system (in both gunplay and proximity battles), Drake’s Fortune is quite simply one of the most highly anticipated single player experiences on Sony’s PlayStation 3 thus far – make sure you don’t miss out.


1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Dropping the ubiquitous World War II setting in favour of a more contemporary affair, Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 takes players through a series of harsh, gritty battles whilst commanding a variety of troops from American, British and Middle Eastern forces. COD 4 incorporates a variety of modernised weaponry and equipment, and features both single player and multiplayer experiences in the series traditional first person perspective.

Call of Duty 4 injects a new lease of life into this venerable franchise, immersing players in the harsh realities of modern day combat; with a superb visual presentation, voice acting and heated gunplay, gamers will be able to witness first hand the second chapter in this thrilling series. Multiplayer enthusiasts will also be able to take part in one of the most expansive online competitive environments on PS3 thus far, offering a plethora of different options to flesh out your online gaming experience.

So there you have it; five titles, all of which exhibit the very best (in our humble opinion) in next-generation gaming on the PS3 for this Christmas. Naturally, there are a number of titles that didn’t quite make the cut that equally showcase the PS3’s diverse entertainment value, which we highly recommend you view in our exclusive video by checking out the link below. Happy decision-making!


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