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PSVR 2 Controller Design Hinted At In New Sony Patent Application

Sony’s announcement of the PSVR 2 last week came with news that it will feature a brand new controller alongside the device, and thanks to a new patent application, we may have an idea of what the controller looks like.

In case you missed it, another patent filed by Sony recently hints towards the future of object tracking. It’s all a bit bananas!

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The format holder filed an application for a ‘Control apparatus and control program’ back in November 2020, and goes into high detail on what is possibly the new VR controller that will accompany its latest headset. You can see an image of it below, although keep in mind this isn’t 100% confirmed as the design.

You’ll notice that the light-up globe featured in the PSVR/PlayStation Move controller has been given the boot, and has been replaced by a smaller LED panel that can light up in different colours. There’s also a new trigger button that mirrors the DualSense controller’s ability to offer resistance when pressed by the user.

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Sony hasn’t announced a release date for the PSVR 2 yet, but has confirmed that it won’t be shipping this year.

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