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PSVR 2 To See Improved Performance & Lifespan Thanks To Eye-Tracking Tech

Brendan Walker, the principle engineer for Moss: Book 2 studio Polyarc, has told the latest issue of PLAY Magazine that PSVR 2′s eye-tracking software will ensure Sony’s new virtual reality headset will enjoy a longer lifespan and give developers an easier time of making games.

The eye-tracking technology is known as foveated rendering, and according to Walker, “can improve performance increase fidelity.” He goes on to explain that VR titles that don’t use this feature see developers “wasting a lot of rendering horsepower and putting detail where there actually doesn’t need to be as much.”

Walker explained this is due to there being a “narrow window” where the human eye can focus on, but without eye-tracking, developers are require to render an entire screen fully, with resources employed for areas the user isn’t looking at.

He went on to describe how this technology will ensure PSVR 2 enjoys a healthy lifecycle, commenting, “it was smart of Sony to lean into this console because, you know, you have this hardware that hopefully is going to be around awhile. And in order to eke out as much lifetime out of it, you need to be able to optimize where you can.”

PSVR 2 is currently in development at Sony but has yet to attract a release date. However, it has been reported the new headset will arrive in 2023.

[Source – PLAY Magazine via GamesRadar]