Publishers to start charging for themes?

Recently on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store gamers have noticed that one of their latest themes revolving around the title Dark Mist has receive a price tag. While all themes up until now have always had that beautiful "FREE" tag beside them, it makes you wonder if this is the start of something or if it’s just a publisher trying to snag a couple of extra dollars. The price may be meager at just $1 USD per theme, but the point isn’t the pricing, it’s the fact we’ve grown accustomed to themes being free.


Publishers design these themes for gamers and therefore have complete control over the pricing and how they’re marketed. While every publisher to date has willingly given their themes out for free, it makes you wonder what’s going on inside the minds of the people at WWS Japan Studio.

We’ll be watching closely over the next couple of Hong Kong updates to see if this trend continues or if it’ll stay limited to just themes from Japan Studio. Hopefully this doesn’t leak over the European or North American market any time soon — if ever.